Desde el Exilio

...A collection of poems from the exile

From the Exile is a dystopic bilingual collection of poems of a young girl who journeys through the nightmares and hopes during the Venezuelan dictatorship. Concealing her identity, she recounts the most disturbing events of the darkest period of her country’s history and her own personal transformation from the exile.

About me who is Arcaniam

Arcaniam is the alter ego of the Venezuelan writer, translator, interpreter, and localizer, Marianna G.F.
 Although she is originally from Venezuela, she had the opportunity to travel around the world at 10 years old due to her parents needing to finish their PhDs in Europe. This period of abrupt changes in her life began to shape her identity and define her personality’s pillars via her unconditional love for discovering new languages, works of literature, and history. 


Reviews of the book "From the Exile"

Jeanne Butler
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Wow, we take so much for granted her in the US, well at least I do. I really enjoyed it and it kept my attention. I hope to read more of your poems as they really make me think.
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"At night, away from home, we shall sit looking at the stars crying at the wind for our lost land." The book is filled with verses like this: succinct, but which tell a deep story. Haunting to read, especially for those of us who have no idea what Venezuela has suffered.
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A unique story from a personal perspective. I love the way it is written, and is great for practicing Spanish, as it is also written in English in the same book. I highly recommend this book.


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Arcaniam a Writer’s Duty

…The poet’s, the writer’s, duty is to write about these things. It is his privilege to help man endure by lifting his heart, by reminding

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This is our Advance

If everything that has been And everything that was made, Has any reminiscent today. These rambling words Are just a copy of the past
Because The Human have been the actor –Puppet of all the performances, In which he has been able to act.

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