Top 6 Reasons To Start Using Memsource For Your Translations Today

If you are a translator, it is likely that you already know what a CAT tool is and why translators are using it more now than ever. If not, you should stop reading this article and start learning about Cat Tools immediately. If you did not know, It’s one of many technologies a translator can use to expedite their translation and reviewing process. In fact, thousands of translators are finding it challenging to keep their jobs due to neglecting to learn these new technologies – trust me; you will thank me later. 

If you are still here, you are probably wondering which is the right CAT tool for you since there is are so many on the market. As a professional translator and having tried several different primary CAT tools, I can give you a couple of reasons why I think that Memsource is an excellent choice. Below are my top 6 reasons why you should start using Memsource for your translations today!

1. Secured Cloud-Based Tool

As translators, we need to be very aware of secure environments to use since we often manage confidential information. The last thing that we want is to deal with our data being stolen and putting our clients at risk. In fact, large Fortune 500 companies have security teams to ensure that all technologies that the company uses have top of the line cybersecurity in place. With that said, one of the best features of Memsource is that it is Cloud-based translation, which means that we do not need to keep forwarding our translations through unsecured email accounts, but now we can share our documents within the cloud!  

By making this adjustment, not only does that help streamline translation between teams, but it helps the private company documents be behind walls of security that passes even the strictest security requirements.

2. Working with the Same Translation Memory (TM) in Real-Time

One of the biggest headaches for translators working on remote teams and with hundreds of different terms for shard documents and each document is done the other way due to each person having their TM. Memsource, fortunately, addresses this by allowing translators in your project to share the same TM. This functionality is fantastic because it keeps total consistency throughout the translation and ensures that all the keywords and phrases get translated in the same way. Consequently, this feature suppresses the need to have an editor reviewing the post-translation to ensure that the final deliverable is consistent. 

3. Support for Different Types of Format Files

As a translator, on a weekly basis, I probably work with over ten different file types. Unfortunately, trying to preserve the format takes up most of my time and the other translators I have worked with. With Memsource’s interface, translators can have format consistency in more than 50 file formats, significantly speeding up my translation speed as well as my coworkers. Besides, Memsource has become the only CAT tool that can translate E-Books, which is a fantastic feature that makes our job much more manageable. 

Also, for those that are thinking about localizing videogames, Memsource supports GIF as content information, which means that you can see the game in action while localizing the string- how cool is that? 

4. Filtering out segments by the TM %

One of the most significant benefits of using CAT tools is their ability to evaluate thousands of source and target segments in a matter of seconds. When assessing large documents, a translator must consider which segments are translated appropriately. This technology takes it one step further and displays which segments need human assistance to move forward. 

In Memsource, you can also filter out the segments by the Translation Memory %, one of my favorite functionalities since translators can exclude the TM segments that are not great for Quality Assurance purposes in their projects. To do so, you can set in the Pre-Translation settings a threshold to 99%.

After saving the settings, you can go to your job in the Editor, then click to display the complex filters. Select 99% segments with TM values of 99% (or higher).

Once you finished, you can lock the 99%+ segments (control + L) and run a QA check, which will save you time from not having to look at segments that don’t need any change. 

5. Automatically populates repetitions

If you ever had to translator documents where someone had a stuttering problem, you would probably find this to be the most useful tip in the article! With Memsource, you can choose if you want your repetitions (text that repeatedly appears in the source text) automatically populated or not. However, if you do, you will see all the source text repetitions automatically translated into the target segments, which, as you can imagine, can save a ton of time while keeping the consistency.

6. Offline mode!

Memsource offers the fantastic functionality of working offline in the Memsource Editor for Desktop. This means that you can take your work to places without Wi-Fi and still be able to work, or if you are having problems with your internet, you can always work offline until it is reestablished so that you will not lose a second of your time! 

I hope you had some good takeaways from this article! I have found each tip to save me dozens of hours each week in translation efforts! The days have now past where translators can simply rely on their brains to translate and instead can leverage tools to do jobs that would typically take 10 hours now, sometimes 15 minutes! There are dozens of tools on the market, but as a translator working at a Fortune 10 company, I find this one to be one of the most user friendly. In case you were wondering, no, Memsource does not sponsor me!


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